Stroudsburg Area School District

Reilly Associates has served as the Stroudsburg Area School District engineer since 2015.  We provide on call engineering services for the District and have successfully completed a variety of project types including Land Development Plan preparation, development of a new water well, roadway and parking lot drainage improvements and over $600,000 in paving projects.

Stroudsburg Area High School, Chipperfield Elementary School, Arlington Elementary School, Hamilton Elementary School – 2018 Paving Projects

Reilly Associates performed an existing pavement evaluation at 3 elementary schools and at the high school for the District in the Spring of 2018.  The purpose of the evaluation was to identify pavement repair and/or replacement locations and quantities on a per location basis.  The compiled information enabled the School District to prioritize and budget for the pavement repair work to be installed in a very short time frame during the summer of 2018.

Reilly Associates performed visual inspections of the existing pavement and documented found conditions.  Pavement and base conditions were evaluated along with several drainage problem areas. Found conditions were summarized, and RA provided recommendations for repair, identified potential pavement alternatives and developed cost estimates associated with recommended options.

Once project scopes were finalized, we prepared bid documents and managed the bidding process via the PennBID system.  Bidding and construction phase services included assisting owner in advertising, maintained a record of prospective bidders, scheduled and attended pre-bid conferences, issued addenda as appropriate to clarify, correct, or change the bidding documents, performed the bid opening via the PennBID system, downloaded the bid tabulation sheets, and assisted owner in evaluating bids, and assembled and awarded contracts for the work.

Observations during construction was provided as well as,  progress reports and processing of payment applications.  All paving operations were completed on time and within budget.

Project Cost:  $600,000


Services Provided 

Conditions Evaluation

Site Planning

Pedestrian Walkways

New Water Supply Well Development


Construction & Bidding Services

Site Observation



Educational Facilities

Multi Building Campus