In September of 2011, Shickshinny was devastated by flooding, due to Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Irene. Shickshinny Borough was greatly damaged including its infrastructure and several public facilities and operations. In response Reilly has provided engineering services to the rehabilitation project which includes two specific components: Roadway, Curb, Sidewalk, and Drainage (RCSD) Improvements and the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project. All components sustained tremendous damage during the flooding. Here is a quick overview of each of the project components:
Roadway, Curb, Sidewalk, and Drainage (RCSD) Improvements
The RCSD improvements will repair the damage sustained during the 2011 flooding events. The project includes roadway repair, replacing damaged sidewalks, repairing flood walls, and addressing landscaping issues. The streets included in project scope are West Vine, West Union, South Susquehanna, North Canal, North Main, East Vine, and East Union. 

Services Provided: 

Roadway repair and resurfacing 

Curb replacement and repair pave 

Replace sidewalks and handicap ramps 

Repair Flood Wall 

Replace Fence along creek

New storm inlets 6

New storm pipe

Street Trees 

Tree Lawn Improvements