Pittston Streetscape Phase I, II, III, IIIA, IVA AND IVB involved design of a streetscape enhancement for the City of Pittston. The project improvements encompass approximately one linear mile along Main Street in the City of Pittston from the intersection of Winter Street to the Fort Jenkins Bridge. A majority of the improvements are located within the Central Business District of the City.
The goal of the Streetscape Enhancement project is to improve the attractiveness of Pittston’s commercial center while enhancing vehicular and pedestrian safety.
The project included the following items:
• Replacement of existing street lighting with vintage lamps accommodating banners and street signage
• Placement of wiring underground
• Construction of new concrete sidewalks with stamped concrete, tree lawns and crosswalks
• Placement of new landscaping, including street trees, planters, and benches.
• Improvement of the pedestrian connections from Main Street to the Riverfront Park, constructing improved concrete sidewalks and using stamped concrete to define crosswalks at Kennedy Boulevard.

Total Firm Responsibility: $5.3 million

Services Provided

• Planning & Design
• Landscaping
• ADA Compliant
• Sidewalks
• Lighting
• Surveying
• Utility Relocation
• Preparation of Bid Contract Documents
• Permitting
• Mapping
• Construction Administration
• Resident Project Representative