Contract Management:  Reilly Associates has provided pre-bid, bid and pre-job expertise to a variety of clients for projects involving stormwater, sanitary sewer, water lines, paving, curbing, sidewalks, water tanks and other facilities.  Should it be necessary we can also provide bid analysis.

Inspection and Documentation:  Reilly Associates has grown over the past several years to a staff of over ten inspectors.  We have provided inspection services to a variety of clients in the areas mentioned above.  Our client list includes municipal, private and state agencies.  Our inspector backgrounds include private contracting organizations, water companies and state agencies.  Our inspection staff assures our clients receive the highest quality project

As Builts:  Our staff is familiar with the needs of organizations to have a complete set of drawings revised to reflect actual construction locations and quantities.

Engineering Inquiries:  Our staff of engineers is available to assist in answering any questions of plan interpretation or construction technique that may come up during the construction phase of a project.

Surveying Services:   Reilly Associates has in-house survey crews that would be available to check locations of features including facilities and property lines.  In addition, they could assist in layout and checking for a contractor crew should that be necessary.

Liaison:  Our staff of engineers and inspectors have experience working with local municipal and state officials in a variety of capacities.

Design–Build:  Our staff is familiar with design build procedures and has experience on large and small projects with PennDOT.

Constructability Review:  Our experienced senior managers are familiar with the likely issues that could prevent a project from moving smoothly through the construction process.

Shop Drawing Review:  Reilly engineering staff routinely provides this service on many of the projects we design.