Reilly Associates provided master planning, design of new roadways, water system including tanks and booster pumps, sewage collection, utilities, traffic studies, highway permits and off site intersection improvements, retaining walls and box culverts.  

The commercial development is CenterPoint West (CPW) and the industrial development is CenterPoint East (CPE). The commercial development is located on a 132 acre parcel and the industrial development is located on a 377 acre parcel . Reilly Associates worked with client design staff to prepare the master plan for site layout and transportation systems. Reilly Associates prepared feasibility studies and planning for roadway, traffic, utility and stormwater management. Reilly designed more than 5 miles of roadway were designed. In addition Reilly Associates prepared detailed traffic studies.

Project Cost:  $22 million


Services Provided 

Roadway Design > 5 miles

Entrance Road tie in to State Highway

Utility Design

Traffic Capacity Analysis Report

Drainage Design



Commercial Land Development

Closely associated with the project:

S.R. 0081 Section 370 Exit 175 Ramp Improvement Project, The project involves widening of the I-81 NB exit to 3 lanes to serve Traffic Route 315 and access to CenterPoint industrial Park.  Signal upgrades at the exit ramp at SR 315 and Oak St. are a part of the project. It was bid early in 2016 at a cost of $ 1,784,000.