Our Survey Services

An accurate survey is the first step in a successful project. With our teams of surveyors and multiple locations we are able to address your survey needs in the shortest possible time. Our survey teams utilize the most up-to-date electronic equipment and computing software so that your project can go from data collection to map production without delay.

Our surveying experience ranges from single residential lot surveys to mountaintop antenna location surveys to river bottom elevation surveys. We routinely handle large scale projects such as aerial photogrammetric survey maps of entire municipalities, corridor mapping for transportation projects, army base utility mapping and right-of-way mapping for large scale levee and flood protection projects. 

Whether your project is simple or complex, through open fields or rugged terrain, involves pre-construction stake-out or post-construction as-builts Reilly Associates has the licensed and experienced staff to meet your needs.

Our Surveying Services Include:

  • Property Boundary Survey
  • Property Ownership Investigation
  • Topographic Surveys and Mapping
  • Aerial Mapping and Control Surveys
  • Right of Way Acquisition Plans
  • Utility Surveys and Mapping
  • Construction Stakeout
  • Subdivisions Design & Layout
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Wetlands Boundary Surveys